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Can I return the screen?

All screens are manufactured using premium PVC, however should there be a quality or technical issue we will arrange a replacement where appropriate. Due to orders being manufactured to size, screens cannot be returned for any other reason. Please contact us with any issues at


What is the short throw projection?

When the projector is close to the screen this is known as short throw projection. Certain rear projection screens are more suitable than others for this application. Please see the descriptions for suitability.

What is multiple projection?

In some circumstances more than one projector are used, for example to project over a large area. Certain rear projection screens are more suitable than others for this application. Please see the descriptions for suitability.

What is the difference between front, rear or dual projection?

The location of the projector in relation to the screen will determine projection type. Front projection screens are used when the audience is viewing from the same side as the projector. In rear projection, the projector is placed behind the screen and the audience is looking towards the projector with the screen functioning as a diffuser. A dual projection screen can be used in either function.

What is screen gain and transmittance?

Gain is a measurement of screen reflectivity and affects the brightness of projected imagery onto a screen surface. The figure represents a ratio of the light back from the screen compared to that of a standard reference screen normally a uniform matt white surface with a gain of 1.0.

Transmittance differs from gain in that it is a measurement of light passing through a screen and therefore only applies to rear projection surfaces. The transmittance value is the ratio of light passed through a screen compared to light reflected from a reference matt white surface.


What do I do if I require a finish not available on

Please contact Harkness Screens directly

What do I do if my screen has crease marks?

The PVC may have creases until the screen is installed under even tension for a period of time. Where possible the screen should be installed in a warm environment to aid increased tension. Re-tensioning may be necessary to pull out persistent creases. Carefully apply heat locally on the crease if necessary.

How long does the screen last?

With careful handling and use the projection screen will last many years.

Can the screen be used outdoors?

All the projection screens will work well outdoors. The PVC does not have UV light inhibitors so will deteriorate quicker over time in direct sunlight.

What are the eyelet spacings?

The eyelets are spaced at 150mm

Are the screens fire tested?

All the products have been fire tested to most of the main European standards. Individual fire certificates are available on request.

How do I clean the screen?

The PVC is washable using warm water and a mild detergent applied gently using a microfibre cloth.